Winsock Interface Library for C/C++ 3.1 Antivirus Report

   Winsock Interface Library for C/C++ software have been tested by team against viruses, spyware, adware and was founded to be 100% clean.
  We will recheck this software periodically to assure users that it remain clean.

Winsock Interface Library for C/C++ 3.1 Antivirus Report

   inflating: READ_ME.TXT                
   inflating: FILE_ID.DIZ                
   inflating: VENDINFO.DIZ             
   inflating: INVOICE.TXT                
   inflating: INSTALL.TXT                
   inflating: RELEASE.TXT                
   inflating: LICENSE.TXT                
   inflating: WARRANTY.TXT             
   inflating: WIL4C.DOC                   
   inflating: WIL4C.HTM                   
   inflating: WIL4C.TXT                   
   inflating: WIL_USR.DOC                
   inflating: WIL_USR.HTM                
   inflating: WIL_USR.TXT                
   inflating: WIL_REF.DOC                
   inflating: WIL_REF.HTM                
   inflating: WIL_REF.TXT                
   inflating: INSTALL.BAT                
extracting: INSTALL1.BAT             
extracting: INSTALLU.BAT             
extracting: INSTALLM.BAT             
extracting: INSTALLB.BAT             
extracting: INSTALLW.BAT             
   inflating: UINSTALL.BAT             
   inflating: MSC.ICO                      
   inflating: MAKEFILE.TXT             
   inflating: ASYNC.C                      
   inflating: ASYNC.H                      
   inflating: READINI.C                   
   inflating: READINI.H                   
   inflating: STR.C                         
   inflating: STR.CPP                      
   inflating: STR.H                         
   inflating: UNIQUE.C                   
extracting: UNIQUE.H                   
   inflating: ABOUT.C                      
   inflating: ABOUT.H                      
   inflating: PAINT.C                      
   inflating: PAINT.H                      
   inflating: ASCII.H                      
   inflating: MESSAGE.H                   
   inflating: WIL.H1                      
   inflating: WIL.H2                      
   inflating: WIL32.LCC                   
   inflating: CONS.C                      
   inflating: CONS.H                      
   inflating: PROGRESS.C                
   inflating: PROGRESS.H                
   inflating: FINGER.C                   
   inflating: FINGER.RSP                
   inflating: FINGER16.LNK             
   inflating: FINGER32.LNK             
   inflating: FINGER.DEF                
   inflating: FINGER.PRJ                
   inflating: FINGER.RC                   
   inflating: FINGER32._M_             
   inflating: FINGER16._B_             
   inflating: FINGER32._W_             
   inflating: FINGER32._B_             
   inflating: FINGER16._M_             
   inflating: AFINGR.C                   
   inflating: AFINGR.RSP                
   inflating: AFINGR16.LNK             
   inflating: AFINGR32.LNK             
   inflating: AFINGR.DEF                
   inflating: AFINGR.PRJ                
   inflating: AFINGR.RC                   
   inflating: AFINGR16._M_             
   inflating: AFINGR32._M_             
   inflating: AFINGR16._B_             
   inflating: AFINGR32._B_             
   inflating: AFINGR32._W_             
   inflating: BFINGR.C                   
   inflating: BFINGR.RSP                
   inflating: BFINGR16.LNK             
   inflating: BFINGR32.LNK             
   inflating: BFINGR.DEF                
   inflating: BFINGR.PRJ                
   inflating: BFINGR.RC                   
   inflating: BFINGR32._M_             
   inflating: BFINGR16._B_             
   inflating: BFINGR32._B_             
   inflating: BFINGR32._W_             
   inflating: BFINGR16._M_             
   inflating: CFINGR.C                   
   inflating: CFINGR32._M_             
   inflating: CFINGR32._B_             
   inflating: CFINGR32._W_             
   inflating: CFINGR32.LNK             
   inflating: CFINGR32.BAT             
   inflating: SFINGR.C                   
   inflating: SFINGR.RSP                
   inflating: SFINGR16.LNK             
   inflating: SFINGR32.LNK             
   inflating: SFINGR.DEF                
   inflating: SFINGR.PRJ                
   inflating: SFINGR.RC                   
   inflating: SFINGR16._M_             
   inflating: SFINGR32._M_             
   inflating: SFINGR16._B_             
   inflating: SFINGR32._B_             
   inflating: SFINGR32._W_             
   inflating: HOST.C                      
   inflating: HOST.RSP                   
   inflating: HOST16.LNK                
   inflating: HOST32.LNK                
   inflating: HOST.DEF                   
   inflating: HOST.PRJ                   
   inflating: HOST.RC                      
   inflating: HOST16._M_                
   inflating: HOST32._M_                
   inflating: HOST16._B_                
   inflating: HOST32._B_                
   inflating: HOST32._W_                
   inflating: VIEW.C                      
   inflating: VIEW.RSP                   
   inflating: VIEW16.LNK                
   inflating: VIEW32.LNK                
   inflating: VIEW.DEF                   
   inflating: VIEW.PRJ                   
   inflating: VIEW.RC                      
   inflating: VIEW16._M_                
   inflating: VIEW32._M_                
   inflating: VIEW16._B_                
   inflating: VIEW32._B_                
   inflating: VIEW32._W_                
   inflating: FTP.C                         
   inflating: FTP.RSP                      
   inflating: FTP16.LNK                   
   inflating: FTP32.LNK                   
   inflating: FTP.DEF                      
   inflating: FTP.PRJ                      
   inflating: FTP.RC                      
   inflating: FTP16._M_                   
   inflating: FTP32._M_                   
   inflating: FTP16._B_                   
   inflating: FTP32._B_                   
   inflating: FTP32._W_                   
extracting: FTP.INI                      
   inflating: NEWS.C                      
   inflating: NEWS.RSP                   
   inflating: NEWS16.LNK                
   inflating: NEWS32.LNK                
   inflating: NEWS.DEF                   
   inflating: NEWS.PRJ                   
   inflating: NEWS.RC                      
   inflating: NEWS16._M_                
   inflating: NEWS32._M_                
   inflating: NEWS16._B_                
   inflating: NEWS32._B_                
   inflating: NEWS32._W_                
   inflating: FROM.C                      
   inflating: FROM.RSP                   
   inflating: FROM16.LNK                
   inflating: FROM32.LNK                
   inflating: FROM.DEF                   
   inflating: FROM.PRJ                   
   inflating: FROM.RC                      
   inflating: FROM16._M_                
   inflating: FROM32._M_                
   inflating: FROM16._B_                
   inflating: FROM32._B_                
   inflating: FROM32._W_                
   inflating: FROM32.BAT                
   inflating: FROM.INI                   
   inflating: MAIL.C                      
   inflating: MAIL.RSP                   
   inflating: MAIL16.LNK                
   inflating: MAIL32.LNK                
   inflating: MAIL.DEF                   
   inflating: MAIL.PRJ                   
   inflating: MAIL.RC                      
   inflating: MAIL16._M_                
   inflating: MAIL32._M_                
   inflating: MAIL16._B_                
   inflating: MAIL32._B_                
   inflating: MAIL32._W_                
   inflating: MAIL.INI                   
   inflating: WHO_C.C                      
   inflating: WHO_C.RSP                   
   inflating: WHO_C16.LNK                
   inflating: WHO_C32.LNK                
   inflating: WHO_C.DEF                   
   inflating: WHO_C.PRJ                   
   inflating: WHO_C.RC                   
   inflating: WHO_C16._M_                
   inflating: WHO_C32._M_                
   inflating: WHO_C16._B_                
   inflating: WHO_C32._B_                
   inflating: WHO_C32._W_                
   inflating: WHO_S.C                      
   inflating: WHO_S.RSP                   
   inflating: WHO_S16.LNK                
   inflating: WHO_S32.LNK                
   inflating: WHO_S.DEF                   
   inflating: WHO_S.PRJ                   
   inflating: WHO_S.RC                   
   inflating: WHO_S16._M_                
   inflating: WHO_S32._M_                
   inflating: WHO_S16._B_                
   inflating: WHO_S32._B_                
   inflating: WHO_S32._W_                
   inflating: CWHO_S.C                   
   inflating: CWHO_S32._M_             
   inflating: CWHO_S32._B_             
   inflating: CWHO_S32._W_             
   inflating: CWHO_S32.LNK             
   inflating: CWHO_S.PRJ                
   inflating: BCAST.C                      
   inflating: BCAST.RSP                   
   inflating: BCAST16.LNK                
   inflating: BCAST32.LNK                
   inflating: BCAST.DEF                   
   inflating: BCAST.PRJ                   
   inflating: BCAST.RC                   
   inflating: BCAST16._M_                
   inflating: BCAST16._B_                
   inflating: BCAST32._B_                
   inflating: BCAST32._W_                
   inflating: BCAST32._M_                
   inflating: BCAST.INI                   
   inflating: ECHO_S.C                   
   inflating: ECHO_S32._M_             
   inflating: ECHO_S32._B_             
   inflating: ECHO_S32._W_             
   inflating: ECHO_S32.LNK             
   inflating: ECHO_S.PRJ                
   inflating: ECHO_C.C                   
   inflating: ECHO_C32._M_             
   inflating: ECHO_C32._B_             
   inflating: ECHO_C32._W_             
   inflating: ECHO_C32.LNK             
   inflating: ECHO_C.PRJ                
   inflating: BCB_10.CPP                
   inflating: BCB_10.MAK                
   inflating: BCB_40.CPP                
   inflating: BCB_40.BPR                
   inflating: FINGER.CPP                
extracting: FINGER.H                   
   inflating: EMAIL.C                      
   inflating: EMAIL32._M_                
   inflating: EMAIL32._W_                
   inflating: EMAIL32._B_                
   inflating: EMAIL32.LNK                
   inflating: EMAIL.PRJ                   
   inflating: TELNET.C                   
   inflating: TELNET32._M_             
   inflating: TELNET32._B_             
   inflating: TELNET32._W_             
   inflating: TELNET32.LNK             
extracting: TELNET.PRJ                
   inflating: UECHOC.C                   
   inflating: UECHOC32._M_             
   inflating: UECHOC32._B_             
   inflating: UECHOC32._W_             
   inflating: UECHOC32.LNK             
   inflating: UECHOC.PRJ                
   inflating: UECHOS.C                   
   inflating: UECHOS32._M_             
   inflating: UECHOS32._B_             
   inflating: UECHOS32._W_             
   inflating: UECHOS32.LNK             
   inflating: UECHOS.PRJ                
   inflating: PING.C                      
   inflating: PING32._W_                
   inflating: PING32._M_                
   inflating: PING32._B_                
   inflating: PING32.LNK                
extracting: PING.PRJ                   
   inflating: CFTP.C                      
   inflating: CFTP32._M_                
   inflating: CFTP32._W_                
   inflating: CFTP32._B_                
   inflating: CFTP32.LNK                
extracting: CFTP.PRJ                   
   inflating: CFGR_S.C                   
   inflating: CFGR_S32._M_             
   inflating: CFGR_S32._B_             
   inflating: CFGR_S32._W_             
   inflating: CFGR_S32.LNK             
extracting: CFGR_S.PRJ                
   inflating: WILVER.C                   
   inflating: WILVER32._B_             
   inflating: WILVER32._W_             
   inflating: WILVER32._M_             
   inflating: WILVER32.LNK             
extracting: WILVER.PRJ                
   inflating: UUCODER.C                   
   inflating: UUCODER.H                   
   inflating: UUENCODE.C                
   inflating: UUDECODE.C                
   inflating: 64CODER.C                   
   inflating: 64CODER.H                   
   inflating: 64ENCODE.C                
   inflating: 64DECODE.C                
   inflating: MAKE16MS.BAT             
   inflating: MAKE16BC.BAT             
   inflating: MAKE32MS.BAT             
   inflating: MAKE32BC.BAT             
   inflating: MAKE32WC.BAT             
   inflating: WIL32U.LIB                
   inflating: WIL16.LIB                   
   inflating: WIL32B.LIB                
   inflating: WIL32W.LIB                
   inflating: WIL32M.LIB                
   inflating: WIL32BCB.LIB             
   inflating: WIL32LCC.LIB             
   inflating: WIL32B.DLL                
   inflating: WIL32W.DLL                
   inflating: WIL32M.DLL                
   inflating: WIL32U.DLL                
   inflating: WIL16.DLL                   
              UECHOS.PRJ: OK
Scanning WHO_C16._B_
              WHO_C16._B_: OK
Scanning UECHOS32.LNK
              UECHOS32.LNK: OK
Scanning VIEW.RC
              VIEW.RC: OK
Scanning WHO_C16.LNK
              WHO_C16.LNK: OK
              INSTALL.TXT: OK
Scanning EMAIL.C
              EMAIL.C: OK
              BFINGR.RSP: OK
Scanning UNIQUE.C
              UNIQUE.C: OK
Scanning MAKE32BC.BAT
              MAKE32BC.BAT: OK
Scanning ECHO_C.C
              ECHO_C.C: OK
Scanning WHO_C32.LNK
              WHO_C32.LNK: OK
Scanning BCAST32._B_
              BCAST32._B_: OK
Scanning ECHO_C32._M_
              ECHO_C32._M_: OK
Scanning FROM.PRJ
              FROM.PRJ: OK
Scanning WILVER32._W_
              WILVER32._W_: OK
Scanning MAIL.DEF
              MAIL.DEF: OK
Scanning BCAST.RSP
              BCAST.RSP: OK
Scanning FINGER.C
              FINGER.C: OK
Scanning CFINGR32._W_
              CFINGR32._W_: OK
Scanning CWHO_S32._M_
              CWHO_S32._M_: OK
              INSTALL.BAT: OK
Scanning WILVER32._M_
              WILVER32._M_: OK
Scanning FINGER16._M_
              FINGER16._M_: OK
Scanning MAIL16.LNK
              MAIL16.LNK: OK
Scanning VIEW16.LNK
              VIEW16.LNK: OK
Scanning WIL_USR.DOC
              WIL_USR.DOC: OK
Scanning ASCII.H
              ASCII.H: OK
Scanning READ_ME.TXT
              READ_ME.TXT: OK
Scanning SFINGR32._M_
              SFINGR32._M_: OK
Scanning BFINGR16._M_
              BFINGR16._M_: OK
Scanning MAIL.INI
              MAIL.INI: OK
Scanning VIEW32._M_
              VIEW32._M_: OK
Scanning PING32._M_
              PING32._M_: OK
Scanning UUCODER.C
              UUCODER.C: OK
Scanning VIEW32._W_
              VIEW32._W_: OK
Scanning HOST16._B_
              HOST16._B_: OK
Scanning FTP.RC
              FTP.RC: OK
Scanning BFINGR.C
              BFINGR.C: OK
Scanning TELNET32._B_
              TELNET32._B_: OK
Scanning VIEW.PRJ
              VIEW.PRJ: OK
Scanning WIL32W.DLL
              WIL32W.DLL: OK
Scanning MESSAGE.H
              MESSAGE.H: OK
              LICENSE.TXT: OK
Scanning ECHO_S.PRJ
              ECHO_S.PRJ: OK
Scanning UUCODER.H
              UUCODER.H: OK
Scanning AFINGR32._B_
              AFINGR32._B_: OK
Scanning FILE_ID.DIZ
              FILE_ID.DIZ: OK
Scanning FTP.PRJ
              FTP.PRJ: OK
Scanning FTP16._B_
              FTP16._B_: OK
Scanning FTP32.LNK
              FTP32.LNK: OK
Scanning WHO_S16._B_
              WHO_S16._B_: OK
Scanning BFINGR16._B_
              BFINGR16._B_: OK
Scanning AFINGR.C
              AFINGR.C: OK
Scanning MAIL32._W_
              MAIL32._W_: OK
              FINGER.DEF: OK
Scanning WHO_S.RSP
              WHO_S.RSP: OK
Scanning MAKE16BC.BAT
              MAKE16BC.BAT: OK
Scanning ECHO_S32._M_
              ECHO_S32._M_: OK
Scanning FTP.RSP
              FTP.RSP: OK
Scanning ABOUT.H
              ABOUT.H: OK
Scanning NEWS16._M_
              NEWS16._M_: OK
Scanning NEWS32.LNK
              NEWS32.LNK: OK
Scanning 64CODER.C
              64CODER.C: OK
              INSTALLM.BAT: OK
Scanning CONS.C
              CONS.C: OK
Scanning TELNET32.LNK
              TELNET32.LNK: OK
Scanning READINI.C
              READINI.C: OK
Scanning CFGR_S32._W_
              CFGR_S32._W_: OK
Scanning PING.PRJ
              PING.PRJ: OK
Scanning FTP32._B_
              FTP32._B_: OK
Scanning WIL4C.DOC
              WIL4C.DOC: OK
Scanning FROM.C
              FROM.C: OK
Scanning WHO_S32._B_
              WHO_S32._B_: OK
Scanning WHO_C16._M_
              WHO_C16._M_: OK
              UUDECODE.C: OK
Scanning HOST32._B_
              HOST32._B_: OK
              UUENCODE.C: OK
Scanning AFINGR32._M_
              AFINGR32._M_: OK
Scanning VIEW16._B_
              VIEW16._B_: OK
Scanning AFINGR16.LNK
              AFINGR16.LNK: OK
              FINGER.CPP: OK
Scanning WHO_S32.LNK
              WHO_S32.LNK: OK
Scanning NEWS.DEF
              NEWS.DEF: OK
Scanning MAIL16._M_
              MAIL16._M_: OK
Scanning UNIQUE.H
              UNIQUE.H: OK
Scanning WIL.H2
              WIL.H2: OK
Scanning WHO_S32._W_
              WHO_S32._W_: OK
              INSTALLB.BAT: OK
Scanning BFINGR32._B_
              BFINGR32._B_: OK
Scanning WHO_C.C
              WHO_C.C: OK
Scanning CFINGR32._M_
              CFINGR32._M_: OK
              BFINGR.DEF: OK
Scanning MAIL.PRJ
              MAIL.PRJ: OK
Scanning SFINGR32._W_
              SFINGR32._W_: OK
Scanning WHO_C.RC
              WHO_C.RC: OK
Scanning WIL32B.DLL
              WIL32B.DLL: OK
Scanning MAKE32MS.BAT
              MAKE32MS.BAT: OK
Scanning CWHO_S32._W_
              CWHO_S32._W_: OK
Scanning AFINGR32.LNK
              AFINGR32.LNK: OK
Scanning WHO_S.RC
              WHO_S.RC: OK
Scanning FTP.INI
              FTP.INI: OK
Scanning MAIL.C
              MAIL.C: OK
              INVOICE.TXT: OK
              BFINGR.PRJ: OK
Scanning EMAIL32.LNK
              EMAIL32.LNK: OK
Scanning WHO_C.DEF
              WHO_C.DEF: OK
Scanning MAKE32WC.BAT
              MAKE32WC.BAT: OK
Scanning FINGER.RC
              FINGER.RC: OK
Scanning FTP16.LNK
              FTP16.LNK: OK
              TELNET.PRJ: OK
Scanning WHO_C32._B_
              WHO_C32._B_: OK
Scanning CFINGR.C
              CFINGR.C: OK
Scanning CWHO_S.C
              CWHO_S.C: OK
Scanning WHO_S16.LNK
              WHO_S16.LNK: OK
              RELEASE.TXT: OK
Scanning UECHOC32._B_
              UECHOC32._B_: OK
Scanning WIL4C.TXT
              WIL4C.TXT: OK
Scanning WIL32B.LIB
              WIL32B.LIB: OK
Scanning WIL32U.DLL
              WIL32U.DLL: OK
Scanning NEWS.PRJ
              NEWS.PRJ: OK
Scanning BCAST16.LNK
              BCAST16.LNK: OK
Scanning SFINGR32._B_
              SFINGR32._B_: OK
Scanning HOST.RC
              HOST.RC: OK
Scanning EMAIL.PRJ
              EMAIL.PRJ: OK
Scanning NEWS16.LNK
              NEWS16.LNK: OK
Scanning NEWS32._B_
              NEWS32._B_: OK
Scanning PING32._B_
              PING32._B_: OK
Scanning HOST32.LNK
              HOST32.LNK: OK
Scanning WIL.H1
              WIL.H1: OK
Scanning ABOUT.C
              ABOUT.C: OK
Scanning ECHO_C32._B_
              ECHO_C32._B_: OK
Scanning CWHO_S32._B_
              CWHO_S32._B_: OK
Scanning TELNET32._W_
              TELNET32._W_: OK
Scanning WIL_REF.TXT
              WIL_REF.TXT: OK
Scanning WIL_REF.HTM
              WIL_REF.HTM: OK
Scanning CFTP32.LNK
              CFTP32.LNK: OK
              SFINGR.RSP: OK
Scanning AFINGR16._M_
              AFINGR16._M_: OK
Scanning SFINGR.RC
              SFINGR.RC: OK
Scanning CONS.H
              CONS.H: OK
Scanning UECHOS32._W_
              UECHOS32._W_: OK
Scanning MAIL32.LNK
              MAIL32.LNK: OK
Scanning WIL32M.DLL
              WIL32M.DLL: OK
Scanning BCB_10.MAK
              BCB_10.MAK: OK
Scanning WIL16.DLL
              WIL16.DLL: OK
Scanning BCAST32._M_
              BCAST32._M_: OK
Scanning WIL_USR.TXT
              WIL_USR.TXT: OK
Scanning WIL32M.LIB
              WIL32M.LIB: OK
Scanning MAIL32._M_
              MAIL32._M_: OK
Scanning WHO_C.PRJ
              WHO_C.PRJ: OK
Scanning FTP.DEF
              FTP.DEF: OK
Scanning FROM32._B_
              FROM32._B_: OK
Scanning READINI.H
              READINI.H: OK
Scanning NEWS.RSP
              NEWS.RSP: OK
              SFINGR.PRJ: OK
              FINGER.RSP: OK
Scanning WHO_C.RSP
              WHO_C.RSP: OK
Scanning BCAST16._M_
              BCAST16._M_: OK
Scanning VIEW16._M_
              VIEW16._M_: OK
Scanning BCAST.RC
              BCAST.RC: OK
Scanning ASYNC.C
              ASYNC.C: OK
Scanning FINGER16.LNK
              FINGER16.LNK: OK
Scanning UECHOS.C
              UECHOS.C: OK
Scanning CFTP.C
              CFTP.C: OK
Scanning SFINGR16.LNK
              SFINGR16.LNK: OK
Scanning HOST16._M_
              HOST16._M_: OK
Scanning CFGR_S32._M_
              CFGR_S32._M_: OK
Scanning WIL_REF.DOC
              WIL_REF.DOC: OK
              WILVER.PRJ: OK
Scanning HOST32._W_
              HOST32._W_: OK
Scanning WIL32LCC.LIB
              WIL32LCC.LIB: OK
Scanning UECHOS32._B_
              UECHOS32._B_: OK
Scanning BCAST.C
              BCAST.C: OK
Scanning ECHO_C32._W_
              ECHO_C32._W_: OK
              UINSTALL.BAT: OK
Scanning MAIL.RSP
              MAIL.RSP: OK
Scanning EMAIL32._W_
              EMAIL32._W_: OK
Scanning WIL32W.LIB
              WIL32W.LIB: OK
              UECHOC.PRJ: OK
Scanning PING.C
              PING.C: OK
Scanning WILVER.C
              WILVER.C: OK
Scanning ECHO_C.PRJ
              ECHO_C.PRJ: OK
Scanning 64CODER.H
              64CODER.H: OK
Scanning BFINGR32._M_
              BFINGR32._M_: OK
              VENDINFO.DIZ: OK
Scanning WILVER32.LNK
              WILVER32.LNK: OK
Scanning 64DECODE.C
              64DECODE.C: OK
Scanning WHO_S.PRJ
              WHO_S.PRJ: OK
Scanning BCAST16._B_
              BCAST16._B_: OK
Scanning SFINGR.C
              SFINGR.C: OK
Scanning MAIL.RC
              MAIL.RC: OK
Scanning BCAST.INI
              BCAST.INI: OK
Scanning STR.CPP
              STR.CPP: OK
Scanning CFTP32._M_
              CFTP32._M_: OK
Scanning FTP.C
              FTP.C: OK
Scanning FINGER32._W_
              FINGER32._W_: OK
Scanning UECHOS32._M_
              UECHOS32._M_: OK
              AFINGR.DEF: OK
Scanning WIL32BCB.LIB
              WIL32BCB.LIB: OK
Scanning CFINGR32.BAT
              CFINGR32.BAT: OK
Scanning BCB_10.CPP
              BCB_10.CPP: OK
Scanning HOST.C
              HOST.C: OK
Scanning FROM.INI
              FROM.INI: OK
Scanning CFINGR32._B_
              CFINGR32._B_: OK
Scanning FINGER32._M_
              FINGER32._M_: OK
Scanning TELNET.C
              TELNET.C: OK
Scanning BCB_40.BPR
              BCB_40.BPR: OK
Scanning BCB_40.CPP
              BCB_40.CPP: OK
Scanning HOST.RSP
              HOST.RSP: OK
Scanning MAIL32._B_
              MAIL32._B_: OK
Scanning PAINT.H
              PAINT.H: OK
Scanning UECHOC.C
              UECHOC.C: OK
Scanning CWHO_S32.LNK
              CWHO_S32.LNK: OK
Scanning FINGER32.LNK
              FINGER32.LNK: OK
Scanning FROM.RC
              FROM.RC: OK
Scanning PAINT.C
              PAINT.C: OK
Scanning EMAIL32._B_
              EMAIL32._B_: OK
Scanning WILVER32._B_
              WILVER32._B_: OK
              AFINGR.PRJ: OK
Scanning BCAST.DEF
              BCAST.DEF: OK
Scanning CFGR_S.C
              CFGR_S.C: OK
Scanning SFINGR16._M_
              SFINGR16._M_: OK
Scanning CFTP32._W_
              CFTP32._W_: OK
Scanning MAKE16MS.BAT
              MAKE16MS.BAT: OK
Scanning MAIL16._B_
              MAIL16._B_: OK
Scanning WHO_S16._M_
              WHO_S16._M_: OK
              FINGER.PRJ: OK
Scanning TELNET32._M_
              TELNET32._M_: OK
Scanning CFINGR32.LNK
              CFINGR32.LNK: OK
              SFINGR.DEF: OK
              INSTALLU.BAT: OK
Scanning 64ENCODE.C
              64ENCODE.C: OK
Scanning WIL4C.HTM
              WIL4C.HTM: OK
Scanning FTP32._M_
              FTP32._M_: OK
Scanning VIEW32.LNK
              VIEW32.LNK: OK
Scanning NEWS.RC
              NEWS.RC: OK
Scanning FINGER16._B_
              FINGER16._B_: OK
Scanning CFTP.PRJ
              CFTP.PRJ: OK
Scanning WIL16.LIB
              WIL16.LIB: OK
Scanning HOST.DEF
              HOST.DEF: OK
Scanning VIEW.RSP
              VIEW.RSP: OK
Scanning ECHO_S.C
              ECHO_S.C: OK
Scanning FROM16._M_
              FROM16._M_: OK
Scanning AFINGR16._B_
              AFINGR16._B_: OK
Scanning ECHO_S32._W_
              ECHO_S32._W_: OK
              INSTALLW.BAT: OK
Scanning STR.H
              STR.H: OK
Scanning NEWS32._M_
              NEWS32._M_: OK
              INSTALL1.BAT: OK
Scanning HOST32._M_
              HOST32._M_: OK
Scanning NEWS16._B_
              NEWS16._B_: OK
Scanning AFINGR32._W_
              AFINGR32._W_: OK
Scanning VIEW.C
              VIEW.C: OK
Scanning SFINGR32.LNK
              SFINGR32.LNK: OK
Scanning FROM.DEF
              FROM.DEF: OK
Scanning CFTP32._B_
              CFTP32._B_: OK
Scanning STR.C
              STR.C: OK
Scanning UECHOC32.LNK
              UECHOC32.LNK: OK
Scanning PING32._W_
              PING32._W_: OK
              MAKEFILE.TXT: OK
Scanning BCAST32.LNK
              BCAST32.LNK: OK
Scanning BFINGR.RC
              BFINGR.RC: OK
Scanning FROM32.BAT
              FROM32.BAT: OK
              WARRANTY.TXT: OK
Scanning BFINGR32.LNK
              BFINGR32.LNK: OK
Scanning FROM32.LNK
              FROM32.LNK: OK
Scanning WHO_S.DEF
              WHO_S.DEF: OK
Scanning ECHO_C32.LNK
              ECHO_C32.LNK: OK
Scanning FTP32._W_
              FTP32._W_: OK
Scanning CFGR_S.PRJ
              CFGR_S.PRJ: OK
Scanning WHO_S.C
              WHO_S.C: OK
Scanning PING32.LNK
              PING32.LNK: OK
Scanning BFINGR32._W_
              BFINGR32._W_: OK
Scanning SFINGR16._B_
              SFINGR16._B_: OK
Scanning VIEW.DEF
              VIEW.DEF: OK
Scanning FTP16._M_
              FTP16._M_: OK
              PROGRESS.C: OK
Scanning CFGR_S32.LNK
              CFGR_S32.LNK: OK
Scanning FROM16._B_
              FROM16._B_: OK
Scanning AFINGR.RC
              AFINGR.RC: OK
              AFINGR.RSP: OK
Scanning NEWS.C
              NEWS.C: OK
              PROGRESS.H: OK
Scanning HOST.PRJ
              HOST.PRJ: OK
Scanning ASYNC.H
              ASYNC.H: OK
Scanning ECHO_S32._B_
              ECHO_S32._B_: OK
Scanning WIL32.LCC
              WIL32.LCC: OK
Scanning BCAST32._W_
              BCAST32._W_: OK
Scanning WHO_C32._W_
              WHO_C32._W_: OK
Scanning WIL32U.LIB
              WIL32U.LIB: OK
Scanning FINGER32._B_
              FINGER32._B_: OK
Scanning BCAST.PRJ
              BCAST.PRJ: OK
Scanning NEWS32._W_
              NEWS32._W_: OK
Scanning BFINGR16.LNK
              BFINGR16.LNK: OK
Scanning CFGR_S32._B_
              CFGR_S32._B_: OK
Scanning WHO_C32._M_
              WHO_C32._M_: OK
Scanning FROM.RSP
              FROM.RSP: OK
Scanning MSC.ICO
              MSC.ICO: OK
Scanning VIEW32._B_
              VIEW32._B_: OK
Scanning FINGER.H
              FINGER.H: OK
Scanning WHO_S32._M_
              WHO_S32._M_: OK
Scanning FROM32._M_
              FROM32._M_: OK
Scanning FROM16.LNK
              FROM16.LNK: OK
Scanning FROM32._W_
              FROM32._W_: OK
Scanning EMAIL32._M_
              EMAIL32._M_: OK
Scanning ECHO_S32.LNK
              ECHO_S32.LNK: OK
Scanning UECHOC32._M_
              UECHOC32._M_: OK
Scanning CWHO_S.PRJ
              CWHO_S.PRJ: OK
Scanning UECHOC32._W_
              UECHOC32._W_: OK
Scanning HOST16.LNK
              HOST16.LNK: OK
Scanning WIL_USR.HTM
              WIL_USR.HTM: OK
Scanning OK

----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------
Scanned directories: 1
Scanned files: 313
Infected files: 0
Data scanned: 2.08 MB
Time: 7.138 sec (0 m 7 s)

Get The Code for Winsock Interface Library for C/C++ 3.1 Antivirus Report:
You are welcome to display a text or a graphic link on your website and link-it to this antivirus report page. Below are the codes:

Graphic link:


Text link:

Example: Winsock Interface Library for C/C++ Antivirus report

Winsock Interface Library for C/C++ 3.1 Description:

Winsock Interface Library for C/C++ (April 4, 2000 V3.1)
The Winsock Interface Library simplifies winsock network communications programmingand
provides support for the most common Internet protocols such as Finger, SMTP, POP3, FTP,
NNTP, and HTTP. Includes multiple C/C++ examples. Requires MS, Borland, Watcom, or LCC-Win32 Windows C/C++ compiler.

Download link:   

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